Wonderland Sound and Vision

Steven Bello

 Steven Bello

     Vice President

Steven shepherds all projects he produces from development to production to release. He thrives on working closely with storytellers that have fresh, unique voices.  His daily goals include finding new projects and establishing new working relationships with creatives.

Steven is currently the executive producer on his passion project and top ranking Black List script THE BABYSITTER by Brian Duffield. The project is in post- production at New Line and stars Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Bella Thorne, and Robbie Amell.

His other credits include executive producer on the acclaimed teen comedy THE DUFF and co-producer on Chris Evans' indie directorial debut BEFORE WE GO.

Previously, Steven worked at Thunder Road Pictures, Creative Artists Agency, and Mandate Pictures.

His favorite flavor of Sprinkles cupcakes is peanut butter chip, which is only available on Tuesdays and Sundays.